52 LOST Classmates

LAST UPDATED: 10/22/2020

Please take a moment to check the following list for any Class of '77 alum you may still have contact with.

As of our 40th Reunion, 72 former classmates were still considered to be 'lost'. The Warriors listed below (except where noted) cannot be located and they continue to be unaware of this website and the efforts to connect everyone here.

Alumni accounted for since our reunion have the date they were located following their name.

The same is true for alumni subsequently deemed to be lost, which have been added to this list.




Aguado, Francisco FOUND! 09/18/2018
Alexopoulos, Helen 
Andersen, Sherry G. 
Arendt, Michael S.
Arvanitis, Dina
Ashford, David L.
Baer, Kent K.
Beals, James M.      
Birkland - O'Connor, Patricia FOUND! 08/28/2018
Bonnell, Camille
Bradley - Abbatiello-Love, Susan Ann FOUND! 07/11/2019
Brooks, David E.
Chandler, Alan
De Kneef, Sharee A.
DiGrazia, James A.
Donovan, Colleen M.
Drivas, Christine
Duenas, Delia Violeta
Eby, Wesley A. LOST as of 04/14/2018
Edwards, Tammy M.
Enberg - Lovell, Katherine A. FOUND! 09/26/2017
Erickson, Karen
Francis, Michael J.
Garcia, Catalina FOUND! 08/06/2018
Gnewuch - Bobula-Wellington, Melonee A. LOST: As of 02/20/2018
*Gordon - Orestano-Simmons, Debbie M. FOUND! 01/09/2018
Gordon, Dwayne K. FOUND! 01/09/2018
Hall - West, Betty A. 
Halpin, Patrick Joseph LOST as of 02/22/2017
Hayes - Gannon, Pamela M. FOUND! 09/22/2017
Heinz, Jeffrey S. FOUND! 03/02/2018
Hotousiotis, Nicholas G. Died, 08/23/1990
Huffaker - Swanson, Tammy M. FOUND! 08/28/2018
Kalogiros, George N.
Kling - Knottnerus, Kathy FOUND! 03/18/2019
Kraft, Richard Joseph
*Lambdin - Robertson, Carole L. FOUND! 09/29/2017
*Lamping, Joseph P. FOUND! 08/06/2018
Larson - Santiago, Catherine J. FOUND! 05/04/2018
Lee, John A.
Lehnert, Steven C. FOUND! 10/04/2019
Lozano, Nidia L.
Mahon, Michael J.
Mandik, Elizabeth A.
Mc Donell, Charles K. Died, 01/20/2019
Mihalcean - Patterson, Karan A. Died, 07/09/2020
Miner - Roser, Kay Justina FOUND! 09/11/2020
Montemayor - Progar, Mary H. FOUND! 09/19/2017
Montgomery, Lori A. 
Morava, Gregory FOUND! 08/28/2018
Mosca, Rocco Died, 11/29/2017
Murphy, Bruce Lee
*Nawar - Laughlin, Nevine J. FOUND! 12/25/2018
O'Brien - Panegasser, Ellen A. FOUND! 03/08/2019
O'Donnell, Kathy A. 
O'Neal, Michael R.
O'Shea, Jr., Charles Joseph LOST As of 03/22/2018
Olinto, Isabella Roberta Britto
Osko, John D. FOUND! 09/18/2018
Panagiotaros, Paniota / Penny
Perez, Irma A.
Perez, Jose K.
Peterson, Edward C. 
Peterson, Jacquelin Lea FOUND! 09/14/2020
Rado - Haley, Sherry E. FOUND! 02/16/2018
Ransom, Mary C.
Retter, Kenneth A.
Richter - Ingle-Tabor, Cynthia A. FOUND! 07/11/2019
Riley, Larry Winfred
Rios, Rosa
Robbins, Michelle LOST As of 03/24/2018
Rodriguez, Jorge
Rodriquez, Tony
Rogers, Michael J. FOUND! 08/28/2018
Saenz, John R. FOUND! 01/11/2018
Sauer, Steven R.
Smith, Pamela M.
Therrien, Elizabeth E.
Thomsen, Sue M.  
Walker - Kasper, Janene Louise FOUND! 07/10/2019
Watkins, Sherri L. 
Young, Randall G.
Zepeda, Maritza C.
* = Class of '77 alum who advance to, and graduated with the Class of 1976.