'77 Website Donors

LAST UPDATED: 09/10/2017

Thanks to the generosity of just a few members of our Class, the Maine West Class of 1977 website remained operational through our 40th Reunion, but our subscription runs out next month!

To ensure it's available when our 45th Reunion occurs in 2022, please consider making a nominal donation prior to October 31, 2017!

Since it's creation in 2011, these Class of '77 alums have contributed toward the continued existence of our website. While the size of their donations has varied, it should be noted that six of our classmates have made more than one donation: 


Mary Anderson (Ellicson)
Steve Arrigo - Donated TWICE
Laura Barth (Larson)
Monica Becker (Garcia)
Gail Bellon
Mark Berberet
Lori Bernick
Patti Bilhuber (Haber)
Leslie Bleitz (Enders)
Denise Bozza
Denise Bucher (Burnett)
Steve Carlstrom
Mike Clifton
Barbara Drelicharz (Farrell)
Jim Evans
Bob Fieber
Terri Fininis (Cordone)
Denise Goslee (Abernethy)
Kathy Hacker (Anderson)
Bob Hallstrom
Christopher Hawking
Karen Hoffman (Trifonoff)
Linda Jacobsen (Uidl) - Donated TWICE
Laura Jacobson (Werner)
Debbie Jannusch (Hug)
Joanne Jerger (Rusch)
Beverly Konop (O'Conner)
Sharon Landuyt (Riesenbeck)
Wayne Lange
Jeanne Lombardo (Bliss)
Karen Lorbach (Schappert)
Andy Loska - Donated TWICE
Norm Lucas
John Minardi
Michelle Moscinski (Chamberlain) - Donated TWICE
Howard Mueller
Debbie Nicholas
Tom Nissen
Beth Novak (Czworniak)
David Payne
Dan Peterson
Lenny Riccardi
Greg Sayad
Judy Shute
Jim Simon
Eugenia Sjostrand (Lindquist)
Rick Smith - Donated TWICE
Kevin Sperling
Deidre Troost (Lorenzin)
David Walkup
Mike Wright - Donated TWICE
Unknown Donor(s)
35th Reunion Committee


Platinum Level Supporter - This classmate has donationed a minimum of $25.00.