Our 40th REUNION!!

LAST UPDATED: 09/15/2017


Our 40th Reunion Weekend was held September 8 & 9, 2017.

If you didn't hear about our 40th Reunion, that would be due to the fact you have not yet created your Maine West Class of '77 website profile, so we had no way to reach you.

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Inquiries regarding the just-concluded 40th Reunion Weekend can be directed to either Scott Reed (scottreed442@hotmail.com), or Mike Wright (majwright@gmail.com).


40th Reunion Committee Members:

  • Paula Cafferata - Carlini
  • Chris Hawking
  • Linda Jacobson - Uidl
  • Ken Jaconetty
  • Ken Kunze
  • Jeanne Lombardo - Bliss
  • Debbie Nicholas
  • Scott Reed
  • Len Riccardi
  • Lynn Roselli
  • Anna Rossi - Shew
  • Bob Sadler
  • Linda Sherman
  • Donna Sorano - Matus
  • Bob Tovella
  • Mike Wright