Did you know...?

LAST UPDATED: 03/10/2021


Did you know the Class of 1977 had.......

  • a total of 928 members throughout all 4 years?
  • 693 graduates? 
  • three (of the 693) classmates were originally members of the Class of 1978?
  • at least one member of our Class graduated from Maine North, not Maine West?
  • 20 additional classmates who advanced to, and graduated with the Class of 1976?
  • twenty-four alumni who served in our Military, with at least six making it their career?
  • a Graduation Program listing 718 classmates? Strangely enough, this included the names of 19 people from other graduating classes!
  • twenty-nine classmates who were siblings?
  • 6 sets of twins?
  • one set of triplets?!
  • forty classmates are known to have married another Class of '77 alum?
  • 62 members of our Class married people from other graduating classes?
  • a classmate that was the victim of murder?
  • one classmate who legally changed their name while still a student?
  • a classmate purported to have worked for the CIA?
  • two classmates that recently became flight attendants?
  • at least 10 alumni who are doctors?
  • one classmate working at NASA?
  • 3 alumni that went on to become Fire Fighters?
  • a member of our Class who spent most of his adult life in prison (as a Correctional Officerlaugh)?
  • a classmate who is an accomplished author, having written at least four books?!
  • two classmates who are motivational speakers?
  • two of the 928 were registered to attend beginning our freshman year, but moved soon after and never set foot in the building?
  • at least five alumni living in a foreign country?
  • one member of our Class was born in, and adopted from another country?
  • two classmates are purported to live in the same building and probably don't know the other is there?!
  • two more alumni live on the same street in Chicago and may not realize they have a classmate living just three doors down!
  • at least one classmate donated a kidney?


Maine West celebrated its' 60th Anniversary in 2019.

On September 8, 1959, opening day enrollment was 2,300 students (and 131 teachers).

In its first 60 years, Maine West has graduated 36,494, for an average of 608 graduates each year.

The Class of 1973 had the most graduates (954) while the Class of 1994 had the fewest (353).


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