NEW! - Did you know...?

UPDATED 04/20/2018


Did you know the Class of 1977 had.......

  • a total of 918 members throughout all 4 years?
  • 691 alumni who graduated from Maine West? 
  • three (of the 691) classmates were originally members of the Class of 1978?
  • 20 additional classmates that advanced to, and graduated with the Class of 1976?
  • 20 alumni who served in our Military? (At least four made it their career.)
  • a Graduation Program listing 718 classmates? Strangely enough, this included the names of 19 people from other graduating classes!
  • 7 sets of twins?
  • one set of triplets?!
  • thirty-six classmates are known to have married another '77 alum?
  • a classmate who was the victim of murder?
  • one classmate who legally changed their name while still a student?
  • a classmate purported to have worked for the CIA?
  • two classmates that became flight attendants?
  • at least 7 alumni who became a doctor?
  • one classmate working for NASA?
  • 3 alumni that became Fire Fighters?


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